Is is it difficult to do?
It is not difficult at all. In fact it only takes one Call – (01274) 595906 . We will then arrange to see you, it can take as little as an hour, from beginning to end.

Is it safe?
Yes, our family have partnered with “Safehands”,  where your money is held securely in a specialist trust fund.

Can I pay in instalments and does that affect anything?
Yes you can pay by instalments, And no it doesn’t affect anything. The cost of the funeral is fixed from the moment you take out the plan.

Here at Guardian Funerals we offer instalments at the lowest rates from as little as £7 a week.

Can I really have it the way I want?
Of course, after all this is your funeral. Our job is to help you make the best choices for you and your loved ones. Our family has been helping people through the most difficult times for generations. That’s why we chose the name Guardian.

Because when you need us…
“We’re There When It Matters”


Guardian Funerals
Main Office, 5 Cross Rosse St, Shipley,
BD18 3SX.

Please ring us for more details

01274 595906

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– Daniel Barrington